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Podcast Review #64: FETIDUS: The Damned Heir

Title: FETIDUS: The Damned Heir Author: James Durham Genre: Zombie/horror/supernatural/crime drama Released: 9 July 2010 – 11 January 2011 Located: Author’s Site, iTunes Formats Available: podcast only at this time Rating: R for sex, violence, zombie cannibalism It takes me a while to get around to listening to podcasts sometimes. I don’t know about all […]

Podcast Review #52 (FIFTY-TWO!!!): Dead Hunt

Title: Dead Hunt Author: Kenn Crawford Genre: Horror Released: 18 March 2010 – 2 June 2010 Located: iTunes,¬†Podiobooks,¬†Author’s Site Formats Available: Podcast Rating: R for violence, gore and adult language I have stated (repetitively) that I don’t normally listen to horror podcasts. I don’t avoid them, I just don’t seek them out. I much prefer […]

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