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Podcast Review #102: Earthbound

Title: Earthbound Author: Artemis Greenleaf Genre: Fantasy Released: 25 June 2010 – 7 July 2010 Located: iTunes, Podiobooks Formats Available: Podcast Rating: PG 13 for Violence and disturbing imagery I’ve run out of things written by authors I’ve listened to before or know of, so I’ve been scouring Podiobooks of late. This has done several […]

Podcast Review #100: Valhai

Title: Valhai Author: Gillian Andrews Genre: Science Fiction Released: 20 October 2011 – 30 October 2011 Located:Podibooks, iTunes Formats Available: Podcast Rating: PG: Some Violence In preparation for the Parsecs, I began listening to of the nominees that I hadn’t heard yet. Ms. Andrew’s Valhai is one of those stories. So, on to the review. […]

Podcast Review #72: House of Grey

Title: House of Grey Author: Collin Earl Genre: Fantasy Released: 5 September 2008 – 7 March 2010 Located: Podiobooks, iTunes Formats Available: podcast only Rating: PG for anime type (and referenced) violence I have no idea who recommended this podcast to me. Whoever you are, I don’t know whether to thank you or curse you. […]

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