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An interview Nathan Lowell

Throughout listening to all the Share stories recently as I prepared for Owners Share, I kept wishing I could pepper their author, the esteemed Nathan Lowell, with many of the questions that his words inspired. I didn’t feel like I should abuse the Direct Message system on Twitter though and really didn’t want to be […]

Katharina Maimer: How I do it!

Katharina Maimer is the voice behind the Luscious Leftovers podcast and one of the the two founders of the Every Photo Tells weekly story anthology podcast. She is a law student currently living in Vienna, Austria. She is fluent in German, English, French and who knows what other languages. She will soon be abandoning the […]

Ed Parrot: How I do it!

Edward G. Talbot is the collaboration of two authors, Ed Parrot and Jason Derrig. Jason and Ed met in 1988 at a cross country running race. We won’t tell you here how it turned out, but Jason is far more likely to recount the results of that day than Ed. They discovered a lot of […]

How do YOU do it?

Are you a writer? Are you a podcaster? Would you be willing to share your process with the world? (or at least my readers?) For those authors that are interested, a standard series of questions will be asked. Once you’ve read them, if you care to answer, you’ll email them to submissions at viewfromvalhalla dot […]

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