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Book Review #24: Iron Guns Blazing Hearts by Heather Massey

Title: Iron Guns Blazing Hearts Author: Heather Massey Publisher: Lyrical Press Release Date: February 2013 Available Formats: ebook As I’ve said before, I’ll review almost any work of fiction. I do have some limits. I won’t read erotica or several other genres, but for the most part, these self decided rules leave most things available. […]

Podcast Review #139: The Shadow of Black Wings

Title: The Shadow of Black Wings Author: James Calbraith Genre: Steampunk Fantasy Released: 13 February, 2013 Located: Podiobooks, iTunes Formats Available: podcast, ebook Rating: PG – 13 for violence Occasionally, it’s not what you know, it’s whom you know. Such is the case with The Shadow of Black Wings. I don’t know the author, Mr. […]

Podcast Review #133: Tainted Roses

Title: Tainted Roses Author: Mark Kilfoil Genre: Steam science punk fiction (well you listen and come up with a better genre) Released: 3 May 2012 – 26 May 2012 Located: iTunes, Every Photo Tells  Formats Available: podcast Rating: PG-13/R – for violence I’ve been a fan of the Every Photo Tells Podcast since it’s inception. I’ve even […]

Podcast Review 127: Dark Currents: Book 2 in the Emperor’s Edge series

Title: Dark Currents Author: Lindsay Buroker Genre: Fantasy with Steampunk elements Released: 21 March 2012 Located: Podiobooks, iTunes Formats Available: podcast, ebook Rating: PG – 13 for violence Several months ago, many regular readers of the blog will remember that I found a new podcast novel written by Lindsay Buroker and read by Starla Huchton. You might […]

Podcast Review Special Edition 2: Tales from the Archives – Volume 2 Preview

Title: Tales from the Archives Author: Various Producers: Imagine That Studios Genre: Steampunk Released: Ongoing Located: Authors Site Formats Available: Podcast only Rating: R for violence and adult content A week or so ago, Tee Morris offered me the chance to listen to a couple of eps of the new volume of Tales from the Archives, […]

Book Review #16: Aladdin and his Wonderfully Infernal Device by Tee Morris

Title: Aladdin and his Wonderfully Infernal Device Author: Tee Morris Publisher: Imagine That Studios Release Date: 2011 Available Formats: ebook only There are certain inevitabilities in this world. Summer follows summer (I live in Texas, there is only one season) and babies will always make me smile. And Tee Morris will always be reviewed here. […]

Book Review #14: Celadonian Tales Volume 1: Blood and Brass by Walter Shuler

Title: Blood and Brass Author: Walter Shuler Publisher: Deepwood Release Date: 2011 Available Formats: ebook only When I published the offer here on the blog concerning reviewing folks books, one of the hits I got was from a man named Walter Shuler. He also followed me on Twitter and has been a nice addition to […]

Podcast Review #77: Fables of the Flying City

Title: Fables of the Flying City Author: Jared Axelrod Genre: Steampunk flying adventure Released: 30 May 2010 – 6 April 2011 Located: Author’s Site, iTunes Formats Available: podcast Rating: PG-13 for some violence Fables of the Flying City had been on my radar since I heard Balticon buzzing about it (via twitter) last year. Of […]

Podcast Review #22: The Gearheart

Title: The Gearheart Author: Alex White Genre: Steampunk fantasy Released: 23 February 2009 – 20 March 2010 Located: iTunes, Podiobooks, Author’s Site Formats Available: Podcast only at this time. Almost an entire year ago, 7 April 2009, to be precise, while still a very newbie blogger, I wrote a challenge to my very small community […]

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