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Podcast Review #142: The Adventures of Alibi Jones

Title: The Adventures of Alibi Jones Author: Mike Luoma Genre: Science Fiction Released: 16 October 2009 – 6 February 2010 Located: Podiobooks, iTunes Formats Available: podcast Rating: R for violence, extreme language, adult content Quite a while back I reviewed Mike Luoma’s Vatican Assassin. I can’t say I really enjoyed it, though I understood why the many […]

Podcast Review #135: The Gorilla Poet

Title: The Gorilla Poet Author: Keith Hughes Genre: Science Fiction Romance Released: 10 October 2010 – 30 December 2010 Located: iTunes, Podiobooks Formats Available: podcast Rating: R – for violence and adult situations Keith Hughes was first reviewed on this blog with his wonderful time travel story Borrowed Time. Even after having enjoyed that story […]

Podcast Review #133: Tainted Roses

Title: Tainted Roses Author: Mark Kilfoil Genre: Steam science punk fiction (well you listen and come up with a better genre) Released: 3 May 2012 – 26 May 2012 Located: iTunes, Every Photo Tells  Formats Available: podcast Rating: PG-13/R – for violence I’ve been a fan of the Every Photo Tells Podcast since it’s inception. I’ve even […]

Podcast Review #129: Betrayed – Book 2 of the Turner Chronicles

Title: Betrayed – Book 2 of the Turner Chronicles Author: Mark Eller Genre: Fantasy/Alternate Universe Released: 4 April 2012 Located: iTunes, Podiobooks Formats Available: podcast, ebook Rating: R for graphic violence and sexual situations Many months ago and many podcast reviews ago, I reviewed Traitor by Mark Eller. I really enjoyed it. I eagerly awaited the sequel. And […]

Podcast Review #126: Self Made

Title: Self Made Author: M. Darusha Wehm Genre: Science Fiction Released: 11 January 2010 – 3 April 2010 Located: iTunes, Podiobooks Formats Available: Podcast, ebook and dead tree Rating: R for language, violence and adult content Once again my trolling through podiobooks brings me to a title and author I’ve yet to read/listen. So, on […]

Podcast Review #123: The Price of Friendship

Title: The Price of Friendship Author: Philip “Norvaljoe” Carroll Genre: Young Adult Fantasy Released: 18 January 2012 – 14 February 2012 Located: iTunes, Podiobooks Formats Available: Podcast only Rating: PG for violence Quite a while back, long before I began writing these reviews, I was hanging out with a bunch of like minded people on Twitter and […]

Book Review #11: Cybrosis by P.C. Haring

Title: Cybrosis Author: P.C. Haring Publisher: Off the Deep End Multimedia Release Date: December 16, 2011 Available Formats: Electronic formats including Epub, Kindle/Mobi. Available soon from Amazon, B&N and author’s site. I’ve listened to a lot of works of podcast fiction. Some are nothing more than a way to pass a 20 minute commute. Some […]

Podcast Review #111: Harmonics – Rise of the Magician

Title: Harmonics – Rise of the Magician Author: Collin Earl and Chris Snelgrove Genre: Science Fiction Released: 7 September 2011 – 25 September 2011 Located: Podiobooks, iTunes Formats Available: podcast and print Rating: R for violence and adult language A while back I reviewed House of Grey by Colon Earl. As much as I liked […]

Podcast Review #110: Kwaide

Title: Kwaide Author: Gillian Andrews Genre: Young Adult Science Fiction Released: 17 November 2011 Located: iTunes, Podiobooks Formats Available: podcast only Rating: PG for violence As I began my weekly browsing a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that Gillian Andrews, author of the previously reviewed (and Parsec Nominated) Valhai had completed the second in the series of young adult science fiction stories. […]

Podcast Review #105: Time Stryder

Title: Time Stryder Author: J.W. Kingsley Genre: Science Fiction Released: 23 August 2011 – 13 October 2011 Located: iTunes, Podiobooks Formats Available: podcast only I believe Rating: PG for violence and mild language TIme Stryder by J.W. Kingsley is another one of those stories I’d never heard of before seeing Evo Terra tweet that it was complete and available at I admit, […]

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