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The Watchers Ep 1

When the Internet powers of Jack Hosley (Wander Radio), Odin1Eye (View From Valhalla), and Richard Green (Geek Out!) unite …. well they just sit around on Skype and talk about stuff. But the stuff they talk about is AWESOME. And what could be more fitting for the first episode that a discussion of the awesome […]

Podcast Review #67: The Spiral Tattoo

Title: The Spiral Tattoo Author: Michael J Parry Genre: Fantasy crime drama Released: 12 September 2010 – 3 October 2010 Located: Podiobooks,¬†iTunes Formats Available: podcast only at this time Rating: PG-13 for violence and sexual situations The Spiral Tattoo is a fairly recent addition to the canon of original fiction at Podiobooks, but I remember […]

Podcast Review #21: The White Shadow Saga: The Stolen Moon of Londor

Title: The Stolen Moon of Londor Author: A.P. Stephens Genre: Fantasy Released: 14 September 2009 – 29 November 2009 Located: iTunes,¬†Podiobooks Formats Available: Podcast, Dead Tree, eBook The Stolen Moon of Londor is one of those podcasts that I happen to subscribe to strictly due to having an opening in my playlist and because I […]

Just the facts…

An interesting article was brought to my attention earlier by a link shared on Twitter. Being interested, I clicked the link and read this article in which the author describes the overall service provides with general accuracy. She then seems to disparage the authors that would be content to give away content for free. […]

Why not Weather Child?

If you haven’t heard of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series, you must not have been paying attention during the last year. The topic of this post is not the Twilight series of books. You probably all ready have your opinion of them anyway. I am going to try to examine, however, an inadequacy (as I see […]

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