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Podcast Review 96: Edict Zero (Season 1)

Title: Edict Zero Author: Jack Kincaid Genre: Science Fiction Released: 9 September 2010 – 19 May 2011 Located: iTunes, Author’s Site Formats Available: podcast only at this time Rating: R for violence and language. Way back in the early days of these reviews, around episode 28, I reviewed a horror novel by Jack Kincaid entitled Hoad’s Grim. It was a mixed bag […]

Podcast Review #91: A Dance with Demons

Title: A Dance with Demons Author: Jeff Offringa Genre: Fantasy Released: 21 December 2009 – 29 October 2010 Located: iTunes, Podiobooks Formats Available: Podcast and ebook Rating: PG 13 for Violence and mild language As a kid, I lived in a fantasy world. Well, I mean I read and lived in the fantasy genre. I cut my […]

Podcast Review #82: Number One with a Bullet (NB1)

Title: Number One with a Bullet Author: Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff Genre: Action Adventure Released: 22 November 2006 – 16 March 2007 Located: Author’s Site, iTunes Formats Available: podcast, print Rating: R for violence, language, sexual situations. I recently completed a review with Richard Green’s wonderful Geek Out with Mainframe podcast, where Richard surmised that I had probably […]

Podcast Review #76: The Hidden Institute

Title: The Hidden Institute Author: Brand Gamblin Genre: Science Fiction/Alternate futuristic fantasy Released: 6 March 2011 – 28 March 2011 Located: Author’s Site Formats Available: podcast, ebook, dead tree Rating: PG-13 for some violence and brief strong language So after weeks of reviewing books that I don’t remember where or when I heard about them, […]

Podcast Review 75: Vatican Assassin (Remastered)

Title: Vatican Assassin Author: Mike Luoma Genre: Science Fiction Released: 31 July 2009 Located: Podiobooks, iTunes, Author’s Site Formats Available: podcast, ebook Rating: R for violence and strong language This is another story that had been recommended to me. Again, for one reason or another, I’ve lost the link between the book and the person that recommended. I […]

Podcast Review #74: Digital Magic

Title: Digital Magic Author: Philippa Ballantine Genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy Released: 10 November 2009 – 13 March 2011 Located: Podiobooks, iTunes, Author’s Site Formats Available: podcast, ebook and dead tree (dead tree is no longer being published, so you might have to search) Rating: R for violence and sexual situations Thank God it’s over. I’ve been waiting […]

Podcast Review #73: Wiener Blut

Title: Wiener Blut Author: Katharina Maimer Genre: Fantasy Released: 12 December 2010 – 19 March 2011 Located: Podiobooks, iTunes Formats Available: podcast, ebook (here or here) and dead tree coming very soon Rating: PG for violence and mildly suggestive sexual situations Some stories you hear about many months after complete. Some stories you find out […]

Podcast Review #59: How to Succeed in Evil: the Novel

Title: How to Succeed in Evil, the Novel Author: Patrick McLean Genre: Super Hero/Villain Fiction Released: 16 March 2009 – 16 July 2009 Located: Podibooks, iTunes (warning – only the first 18 chapters “work” in the iTunes version) Formats Available: Podcast only at this point Rating: R for violence and sexual situations and language How to Succeed […]

Podcast Review #57: Captain’s Share

Title: Captain’s Share Author: Nathan Lowell Genre: Science Fiction Released: 29 September 2009 – 15 October 2009 Located: Podibooks, iTunes, Author’s Site Formats Available: Podcast only (soon to be dead tree from Ridan Publishing) Rating: PG As all good things must come to an end (and believe it or not, bad things do too) so […]

Podcast Review#56: Double Share

Title: Double Share Author: Nathan Lowell Genre: Science Fiction Released: 4 July 2008 – 17 July 2008 Located: Podibooks, iTunes, Author’s Site Formats Available: Podcast only (soon to be dead tree from Ridan Publishing) Rating: PG Continuing our series of reviews focussing on The Master of NaNoWriMo, Nathan Lowell, today I’m looking at Double Share, the fourth book in the Golden Age of the […]

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