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One Day at the Dojang, pt 2

As previously mentioned, the martial arts has played a big role in my life for many years. Eventually, I ended up opening my own dojang (Korean martial art school). It was small, and somewhat unconventional (in regard to marketing) compared with the larger schools in town, but it fit me. One day, within the first […]

One day at the dojang…

As previously mentioned, I’ve been involved in the martial arts for over half of my life now. Along the way there have been more than a few causes for levity. This will be the first time that one of my blog entries comes with a warning, but here it is: If you are easily irritated […]

Once in a while, life can be a pain in the…. throat?

If you have read the about me section, you might know that at least part of my life has been devoted to the martial arts. I have studied the two particular styles for close to twenty years now. I have owned my own dojang and have taught the Korean arts of Tang Soo Do and […]

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