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Book Review #26: Zypheria’s Call by Nathan Lowell

Title: Zypheria’s Call Author: Nathan Lowell Publisher: © Nathan Lowell Release Date: October 2012 Available Formats: ebook (podiobook coming soon as stated on Mr. Lowell’s blog- May 1, 2013) Nathan Lowell writes stories I love. I own multiple versions of the stories he’s published. I have listened to his books at more often than […]

The Watchers Ep 1

When the Internet powers of Jack Hosley (Wander Radio), Odin1Eye (View From Valhalla), and Richard Green (Geek Out!) unite …. well they just sit around on Skype and talk about stuff. But the stuff they talk about is AWESOME. And what could be more fitting for the first episode that a discussion of the awesome […]

Podcast Review #6: Quarter Share

Title: Quarter Share Author: Nathan Lowell Genre: Science Fiction Released: 18 February 2007 – 18 March 2007 Located: Podibooks, iTunes, Author’s Site Formats Available: Podcast only I love science fiction. I love historical fiction. I love fantasy. Of the three, I am the least forgiving of science fiction. I don’t know why, but that is […]

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