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Podcast Review #103: The Starter

Title: The Starter Author: Scott Sigler Genre: Science Fiction Released: 28 March 2010 – 16 October 2011 Located: iTunes, Podiobooks, Author’s Site Formats Available: dead tree, podcast, ebook This book, The Starter, written by author Scott Sigler is the sequel to the Science Fiction/Football novel The Rookie. If you haven’t heard/read The Rookie, I strongly […]

Podcast Review #18: The Rookie (Remastered)

One of the first author’s I found when I started listening to podio fiction was Scott Sigler. I’ve listened to all of his podcast fiction, some with a greater interest than others. The stuff of his I’ve liked, I’ve really really liked, the others, meh. (The plaid tanks will soon be rolling down my street, I know. Oh well, truth is truth.)

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