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Contest Winner Update!

Very recently, our contest winner @dandantheartman received his prize and an extra from Christiana Ellis! Dan has written a nice post about the experience and prize here. I would like to, once again, offer Dan congratulations for being our FIRST winner. Yes, first, as in, there will be more. So, keep commenting and let me […]

We have a winner! (Contest update)

I’ll be stepping away from our regularly scheduled “How I do it!’ feature this morning to provide you with this update. “How I do it” will return next Wednesday. As was proposed back in November, View from Valhalla ran a contest coinciding with the release of our 26th weekly Podcast Review. A name was selected […]

Podcast Review: A contest!

A retweet by J. Daniel Sawyer earlier this evening spawned set me to pondering. It seems that somebody on Twitter that goes by QQwill is going to give away a couple of books because he/she “liked them so much” (the books are Gail Carriger’s Soulless, which I also loved and Nicole Peeler’s Tempest, which I […]

Podcast Challenge!

You have been challenged!

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