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Podcast Review #140: Sense Memory

Title: Sense Memory Author: Brion J. Humphrey Genre: Supernatural Action Released: 6 March 2013 Located: Podiobooks, iTunes Formats Available: podcast, ebook Rating: R for violence Sometimes all it takes to get me to listen to something is, “You should listen to….” from someone on my twitter stream. After this Sense Memory had been recommended to […]

Podcast Review #120: Karl’s Last Flight

Title: Karl’s Last Flight Author: Basil Sands Genre: Military Action Released: 2 July 2007 – 14 July 2007 Located: iTunes, Podiobooks Formats Available: podcast, ebook, audiobook at Audible Rating: R for violence Back in Review 109, I discovered Basil Sands when I reviewed his story, 65 Below. Or, at least, I thought that is when I discovered him. Turns out, I had started […]

Podcast Review #109: 65 Below

Title: 65 Below Author: Basil Sands Genre: Military Action Released: 12 March 2008 – 4 April 2008 Located: iTunes, Podiobooks Formats Available: podcast and ebook Rating: R for violence Lately, I’ve been seeking out new authors. It isn’t because I’m tired of my old authors, it is simply because I am caught up on most […]

Podcast Review #82: Number One with a Bullet (NB1)

Title: Number One with a Bullet Author: Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff Genre: Action Adventure Released: 22 November 2006 – 16 March 2007 Located: Author’s Site, iTunes Formats Available: podcast, print Rating: R for violence, language, sexual situations. I recently completed a review with Richard Green’s wonderful Geek Out with Mainframe podcast, where Richard surmised that I had probably […]

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