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VFV Podcast Ep 78: The God Conspiracy

Listen to the Podcast Review 78: The God Conspiracy is now available. Stream or download here. You can subscribe here or through the iTunes music store here! Thanks!

VFV Podcast EP 77: Fables of the Flying City

Listen to the Podcast Review 77: Fables of the Flying City by Jared Axelrod! Stream or download here. You can subscribe here or through the iTunes music store here! Thanks!  

Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences: Pheonix Rising Book Trailer

Hi Gang! Just a short blast here today. I’m sure most of you have all ready seen this, but if you haven’t, I wanted to share with you the trailer for the book that I’ve been waiting more than 2 years for. Tee Morris and Pip Ballantine have collaborated on, what is sure to be, […]

Podcast Review #68: Lost Gods

Title: Lost Gods Author: Drew Beatty Genre: Fantasy Released: 31 December 2008 – 5 May 2009 Located: Podiobooks, iTunes Formats Available: podcast and ebook Rating: PG-13 for violence Almost a year ago I put out a call for suggestions. Our friend Dan Rabarts suggested Mr. Beatty’s Lost Gods. As I usually do in such cases, I favorited […]

Podcast #54: South Coast

Title: South Coast Author: Nathan Lowell Genre: Science Fiction Released: 7 December 2007 – 21 December 2007 Located: Podibooks, iTunes, Author’s Site Formats Available: Podcast only (soon to be dead tree from Ridan Publishing) Rating: PG/R November. The month of November is important for many reasons. My favorite reason is because it is the month […]

Podcast Review #24: Morevi: The Chronicles of Rafe and Askana (Remastered)

Title: Morevi: The Chronicles of Rafe and Askana (Remastered) Author: Tee Morris (with Lisa Lee) Genre: Fantasy Released: 29 November 2007 – 25 December 2008 Located: iTunes, Podiobooks, Author’s Site Formats Available: Podcast, Dead Tree. So, back in 2008 (again) after having completed Billibub Baddings and the Case of the Singing Sword, I of course had […]

Podcast Review #20: Tattoo

Title: Tattoo Author: Paul Elard Cooley Genre: Horror Released: 11 September, 2009 – 18 October, 2009 Located: iTunes, Podiobooks, Author’s Site Formats Available: Podcast, PDF I often query my small network on Twitter for what they are listening to at the moment and I always get lots of great suggestions. Paul Cooley almost invariably provides […]

Pimp from Valhalla Preview

Rich:  Hey Odin didja hear about the crazy kiwi trying to auction off a sonic boom what the hell is up with that? Odin:  No man you got it all wrong  it’s not like that at all.  What Pip Ballentine is trying to do is raise money for Tee Morris’s daughter, Sonic Boom.  Yeah it’s […]

Nominate Weather Child for The Sir Julius Vogel Awards

Nominations have opened for the The Sir Julius Vogel Awards. These are the awards the Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of New Zealand Inc. award to New Zealand artists (and a few others listed in their Rules and Criteria) Although most of us can’t win, we’re all eligible to nominate works we enjoyed. Not only […]

Podcast Review #13: Ravenwood

Title: Ravenwood Author: Nathan Lowell Genre: Fantasy Released: 4 January 2010 – 19 January 2010 Located: Podibooks, iTunes Formats Available: Podcast only at this time If the name Nathan Lowell doesn’t seem familiar to you, now would be a very good time to rectify that. I reviewed Mr. Lowell’s Quarter Share, the first book in his Golden Age […]

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