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International Podcaster Appreciation Month

I realized recently that while I might want to be a producer, at this point in my life I am a consumer (sigh), and one of the things that I consume most voraciously is podcast fiction. As far as I know, there is no month/week/day set aside to those that give us the fruit of […]

Guilty as charged

Judgemental people drive me crazy. There. I’ve said it. Now, let me explain myself. There have been several times in my life that I’ve been confused, hurt, and/or questioning. During these kinds of times, I think it is natural to ask those that care for you for their opinions. Now, if you ask me for […]


If you’re not following me on Twitter, that is okay. In fact, while I love Twitter and am an admitted tweet addict, I would prefer you not follow me if you’re not going to tweet me up. You see, for me Twitter is all about the conversation. (The social in social media if you please) […]

"If you can't say something nice…."

I don’t know how many of you have seen the Disney cartoon Bambi to the point where you can recall Thumper being prompted by his mom to recite the above title. I can. I can vividly see the little bunny looking quite contrite repeating something that he had (obviously) been told over and over again. […]

Won't you be my neighbor?

One and a half years ago, I past the birthday many of us dread the most. 40. Yup. According to myself and many of the kids I went to school with, I’m ancient. Heck, as a kid, a friend and I swore we’d never live past 35. Guess we were wrong. Growing up in the […]

top 5's

After laying in bed for the better part of the last two days, physically I am feeling much better. I guess the doctor knew what he was talking about and rest really was all that was needed. While lying there however, I started thinking about some of my favorite things (If you really want to, […]

What about Weather Child… NOW?

As any of you that have been following my blog know, since my very first blog post (here), I have been, passionately advocating the publishing of the novel Weather Child by Philippa J. Ballantine, a brilliant “new” author out of New Zealand. New is a relative term considering Ms. Ballantine has previously been published by […]


Perspective. How many times have I lost it? How many times must I be reminded? I’ve had an interesting day to say the least. I’ll start by giving you a little of the backstory of my life. In November of 2007, two momentous events happened in my life. First, we had a scare with a […]

How did I get here? pt. 2

Well, as of August 15, 1990, I knew several things. I now truly knew what humidity was. I now knew that some people had preconceptions about those of us that drive red sports cars. AND, I knew that men did not teach reading in South Texas. More realizations were coming. Believe me. The first morning […]

How did I get here? pt. 1

I started my chosen career as a teacher in 1990. My first year was adventuresome to say the least. Sometimes I ponder, how many would have remained?

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