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"If you can't say something nice…."

I don’t know how many of you have seen the Disney cartoon Bambi to the point where you can recall Thumper being prompted by his mom to recite the above title. I can. I can vividly see the little bunny looking quite contrite repeating something that he had (obviously) been told over and over again. […]

Nap well, sweet prince

As you lay there, with your head on my tummy, I tell you “one moe time” the story of the three little pigs. Your blue eyes burn into mine and I cherish this moment. I wonder how long it will be until you are too old to use daddy’s tummy as a pillow and no […]

Won't you be my neighbor?

One and a half years ago, I past the birthday many of us dread the most. 40. Yup. According to myself and many of the kids I went to school with, I’m ancient. Heck, as a kid, a friend and I swore we’d never live past 35. Guess we were wrong. Growing up in the […]

Nina Kimberly

A week ago, another fine podcasting author, Christiana Ellis, made her rush on Amazon with her delightfully fun novel, Nina Kimberly the Merciless. Amazon played some of their infamous games during the day and probably (definitely) kept Ms. Ellis’s numbers from being what they could have been. That being said, there is no reason not […]

on being a social hermit

While talking with my wife last night, I realized – once again – that the way I see myself and the way other people see me (due to my interaction with them) are in many ways completely dichotomous. It seems like my entire life, I have been in a role where I was expected to […]

If I didn't have something to obsess about, I'd go crazy!

The subject line was uttered by my very own goddess. Yes, that would be my wife I’m talking about, and as far as I’m concerned, she is pretty close to perfect. My wife is one of the most caring, wonderful mothers you’d ever hope to meet. She is also a fantastic wife, and if I […]

Groundhogs and their shadows

Don’t feel great tonight. Been a long not so great day. For some reason this poem I wrote about 20 years ago came to mind. Well poem is too kind. Anyway, since I didn’t start blogging until after groundhogs day, here it is. Groundhog’s Day When monkies fly, and green blood flows, and fluff lives […]

How are you feeling?

Earlier tonight I was talking with my wife and I had an epiphany. I, like everyone else, have of course heard the old stereotype that men are more logical and ladies are more emotional. Although I have seen the reverse of this true on more than one ocassion, most people I know, of both sexes, […]

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