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Goodbye Social Media

A few folks that read this blog entry might have followed me on one social media platform or another at some point in the past. A decade ago, I lived on Twitter. I enjoyed a lively group of followers that varied widely across cultures, political beliefs and national borders. With a mix like this, it […]

A change of direction

For many years I’ve run this blog as a literary review journal. While this use may continue from time to time, this is not likely to remain VfV’s sole purpose. I have, like many others, been aghast at what I see happening in our country. Unlike many others that feel this way, I come from […]

A call for support!

I’m taking a moment from my normal want today to bring to mind something that all of us that listen to podcast novels know, but might have forgotten. As you might have guessed from the title, that is supporting your favorite podcast authors. Now, before you turn away, knowing you’ve heard it all before, let […]

Podcast Challenge – Part 2

Why? I am currently celebrating the one year anniversary of View from Valhalla. My, how quickly a year goes, and how much things change. When I first started this blog, I had no idea what I would be doing with it. I knew I had opinions (hence the tagline) and I knew I loved social […]

Just the facts…

An interesting article was brought to my attention earlier by a link shared on Twitter. Being interested, I clicked the link and read this article in which the author describes the overall service provides with general accuracy. She then seems to disparage the authors that would be content to give away content for free. […]

Podcast Review: Why I do it

Last week, Scott Roche (whose Archangel story was reviewed just this week in Podcast Review #15) asked something along the lines of “Are people not criticizing each others writing in this group on Twitter because we genuinely care for each other and don’t want to hurt each others feelings? What transpired was a really interesting […]

thirteen cents

If you are reading this, there is a fair chance you follow me on Twitter, or have been reading my series of Podcast Reviews. If either of those are true, thank you. However, if either of those are true, you’ve also more than likely heard of the tragedy that has struck one of the founders […]

Guilty as charged

Judgemental people drive me crazy. There. I’ve said it. Now, let me explain myself. There have been several times in my life that I’ve been confused, hurt, and/or questioning. During these kinds of times, I think it is natural to ask those that care for you for their opinions. Now, if you ask me for […]

One Day at the Dojang, pt 2

As previously mentioned, the martial arts has played a big role in my life for many years. Eventually, I ended up opening my own dojang (Korean martial art school). It was small, and somewhat unconventional (in regard to marketing) compared with the larger schools in town, but it fit me. One day, within the first […]

Summer ends, but where's my fall?

Life has been going by so quickly this summer that I find it is often hard to take a second, look around, and take stock. Today, that is precisely what I’m going to try to do. Whenever summer break begins, I have an almost childlike longing to be free of concerns and responsibilities. I long […]

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