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One man's mistress….

The following short story takes place outside of the timeline, and quite possibly in an alternate universe, normally inhabited by Sebastian and his two loving bears. I also do not take the credit for the idea. A very similar story was presented to me, once upon a time. However, I hope you enjoy it… On […]

The Babe

Below you will find a short (for me, very short) story that I envisioned when I first heard the prompt for episode number 64 (I think) of the wonderful Great Hites podcast. The prompt was “modesty”. I didn’t get it written, let alone recorded, in time. It wouldn’t have placed highly, but it would have […]

Running Shoes

*The following story is my first entry into Jeffrey Hite’s wonderful podcast Great Hites, episode number 57. If you enjoy the story, please go to the site and vote for it! (Of course, you should listen to the other stories first!) Voting is now taking place! Thanks* **UPDATE: Voting is now over, and believe it […]

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