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Jeffrey Hite: How I do it!

Jeffrey Hite is the creative genius behind the weekly Great Hites story contest. He is also a frequent contributor and an encourager of writing at all levels. General Writing Questions 1. Before you begin writing, do you script out the general outline of plot and characters, or do you let these situations evolve as you write? […]

Paul E. Cooley: How I do it!

Born during the witching hour within hours of the winter solstice, Paul Elard Cooley has been writing and slamming down keys on a computer since the ripe old age of 12. He has seen more than his share of bad horror movies, read more than his share of great horror novels, and generally learned to […]

P.C. Haring: How I do it!

P.C. Haring is the author and creator of Cybrosis, a cyberpunk action thriller starring many of the big names in podcasting today. He lives in Naperville, Illinois and besides being a writer is an accomplished musician with his primary instrument being the viola. And this is how he does it. General Writing Questions 1, Before […]

Mick Bordet: How I do it!

Mick Bordet is the author and narrator of the Some Other Scotland podcast and one of the two founders of the Every Photo Tells weekly story anthology podcast. He lives in the real world Scotland and is a singer, songwriter and musician (playing a theramin as well as other instruments). He has captured the heart […]

Katharina Maimer: How I do it!

Katharina Maimer is the voice behind the Luscious Leftovers podcast and one of the the two founders of the Every Photo Tells weekly story anthology podcast. She is a law student currently living in Vienna, Austria. She is fluent in German, English, French and who knows what other languages. She will soon be abandoning the […]

Ed Parrot: How I do it!

Edward G. Talbot is the collaboration of two authors, Ed Parrot and Jason Derrig. Jason and Ed met in 1988 at a cross country running race. We won’t tell you here how it turned out, but Jason is far more likely to recount the results of that day than Ed. They discovered a lot of […]

Michell Plested: How I do it!

Michell (Mike) Plested is an amateur novel and short story writer in several genres including Fantasy, Science Fiction and YA Adventure (sorry, no sparkly vampires). His most recent writing project is a Science Fiction Comedy entitled “GalaxyBillies” which he is simultaneously writing and podcasting. He is also the host of the bi-weekly writing podcast “Get […]

Philippa J. Ballantine: How I do it!

Philippa J. Ballantine is the author of Weaver’s Web, Chasing the Bard, Digital Magic, Weather Child and the forthcoming Geist, being released by ACE books this fall, and it’s sequel Spectre. She has podcasted WW, CtB, WC and is currently podcasting DM. She can be found on Twitter as @philippajane. General Writing Questions 1. Before […]

How do YOU do it?

Are you a writer? Are you a podcaster? Would you be willing to share your process with the world? (or at least my readers?) For those authors that are interested, a standard series of questions will be asked. Once you’ve read them, if you care to answer, you’ll email them to submissions at viewfromvalhalla dot […]

Interview with Tee Morris of All a Twitter

Earlier this week, Tee Morris, of Imagine That Studios and author of All a Twitter, tweeted that he would be available for interviews and random silly questions concerning Twitter and any other topics of interest. Well, to be truthful, I’ve been meaning to hit Tee up with random silly questions, so I couldn’t pass up […]

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