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How large were my problems?

As I mentioned in my last post, I had a testing of faith a bit over five years ago, when my world as I knew it simply ceased to exist. I turned to friends, church members and the normal outlets. Each well wishing person had advice, biblical or secular, and many I believe truly empathized […]

Podcast Challenge – Part 2

Why? I am currently celebrating the one year anniversary of View from Valhalla. My, how quickly a year goes, and how much things change. When I first started this blog, I had no idea what I would be doing with it. I knew I had opinions (hence the tagline) and I knew I loved social […]

International Podcaster Appreciation Month

I realized recently that while I might want to be a producer, at this point in my life I am a consumer (sigh), and one of the things that I consume most voraciously is podcast fiction. As far as I know, there is no month/week/day set aside to those that give us the fruit of […]

Weiner dog song

A couple of weeks ago, Jeffrey Hite prompted everyone to submit a weiner dog song on his Great Hites podcast. I am not a song writer, but I am quite snarky, so I tweeted the following back, and no, I didn’t submit because the accompanying tune is copyrighted. Sing with me: Ohhhhh…. I wish I […]

Podcast Challenge!

You have been challenged!

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