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One man's mistress….

The following short story takes place outside of the timeline, and quite possibly in an alternate universe, normally inhabited by Sebastian and his two loving bears. I also do not take the credit for the idea. A very similar story was presented to me, once upon a time. However, I hope you enjoy it… On […]

Nap well, sweet prince

As you lay there, with your head on my tummy, I tell you “one moe time” the story of the three little pigs. Your blue eyes burn into mine and I cherish this moment. I wonder how long it will be until you are too old to use daddy’s tummy as a pillow and no […]

A Day at the Beach

“What do you want to do today?” asked Lavender. “Well, I was thinking. What do you think about taking a trip to the beach? Sebastian has never been, and it would be nice to see and hear the waves again.” replied Lady Bear. “Oh, how wonderful! Lady, you always have the bestest ideas! Sebastian will […]

The Wisdom of Dragons

The Nest Lady, Lavender and Sebastian were enjoying another glorious morning in the beautiful meadow in which their home tree was located. Sebastian was now almost a full year old and approaching his full size. He no longer comfortably fit within the tree, but had built a beautiful nest in the crown of their tree. […]

Let's go swimming, or how Lavender learned to fly!

[This is the second part of a (hopefully) continuing saga. The first part (though not necessarily necessary) can be found here at “Dada, tell me a story!” You can also find an original alternate universe piece at the wonderful Emily of New Moon‘s Blog. Hope you enjoy!] Good morning “Cuckoo” “Mwah!” replied Lady Bear as […]

Dada, tell me a story

A Beginning The Walk Once upon a time, there were two teddy bears that lived in a large and beautiful forest. Lavender Bear was known as such because of her beautiful lavender hair. Lady Bear had got her name because she was such a little lady. Her skin was covered in music and her life […]

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