Trump is not a good man

There. I’ve said it.

Our current president is not a good man.

I’m not saying I am. None of us are good on our own. Our righteousness is as filthy rags. I know mine is.

But that is not what I’m talking about folks. I’m talking about plain human decency. About making an effort To be moral. I just can’t agree Trump is.

It kills me to see people I love and respect defending him. Seriously, I get that Clinton wasn’t an option for many of us. But that doesn’t make Trump better than he is.

This is not a game of comparison.

I read someone’s assertation that we’ve never had a president that has taken such a strong outspoken stand on Christian faith.



Clanging symbols anyone? (1 Corinthians 13:1) because I see no love folks. Attacking those that believe differently is not Christ-like. Christ chastised Peter for behaving violently in Christ’s own defense.

Forcing others, who are not Christian to adopt Christian behaviors, is not Christianity itself!

Bragging about sexual indiscretion, belittling those that disagree with you, being a bully in the true sense of the word …. none of this is Christ like.

I was never a fan of Obama’s. I’m still not. But that doesn’t mean I will now condone the vileness being propagated from the other side. A man doesn’t need to be perfect to follow Christ. No one is. But believers should hold themselves to a higher standard than simply enjoying the abuse of power of someone giving lip service to beliefs I hold sacred.

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