I really don’t want to love … may I please not?

I admit, there are times (many times), when I want to lash out. When I want to despise someone, or even a group. I try not to though. I hope I’m not failing more often than I think I am.


As much as I would like to find out that it is okay to really “not love” someone from a biblical perspective, well…. I just can’t find that justification anywhere in the Bible.

Sometimes I want to scream, “But you don’t know what they did to me!!!”

Besides this obviously not being true, it still doesn’t give me an excuse.

And this is what I see today. Over and over. If we’re fighting on the side of today’s morally sympathetic side (which I am not condemning), it seems like we feel it is right to spew vitriol over those that hold the old values. Of course, those that hold the old values have spewed that same vitriol for years, and continue to do so towards anyone that doesn’t believe as they do.

And there’s the rub. It doesn’t matter whether we’re part of the old conservative faith or the new socially acceptable leanings, I still find know justification for not showing love to all.

If you believe something is sinful, I understand. But to treat someone that practices that behavior with anything less than love is simply not something I can find justification for.

God bless you all.

Post Script: I am amazed a still have a few subscribers to this blog as I have so radically changed its primary scope. Regardless, if you’re reading, I hope you find something of value in my random thoughts and studies.

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  • Doc Coleman says:

    These are difficult times. Made more so by so many people being unwilling to listen to each other.

  • The problem is that there is NO listening, just fighting to change minds. Unhurtful debate seems to be gone. There were times when I was with friends who are on the other side who used to ask me WHY and HOW COULD I? Of course, neither one would budge. I finally had to say, “We need to stop talking about this or I will not be able to be with you. I value our friendship over these many years, and we need to understand we have different values. I believe in many things you do, but there are some of my values that will not change, so stop or I am gone.” We finally stopped and now enjoy being around each other again, but there is something missing. We are not as close. I am also in the minority where I live. I am a loving person and value that as well as my love for all. However, if those around me knew some of my deep values, (none harm anyone in anyway) they would be shocked. And I can’t talk about them or I will be shut out. That is sad.

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