A change of direction

For many years I’ve run this blog as a literary review journal. While this use may continue from time to time, this is not likely to remain VfV’s sole purpose.

I have, like many others, been aghast at what I see happening in our country. Unlike many others that feel this way, I come from a more conservative background and have lived my entire adult life aligning myself as a non-voting member of the Republican party. Having said that, I am not likely to talk much about politics.

Instead, I will be occasionally talking about how I am trying to live my faith as a Believer of Christ in the modern world. I know this will probably limit the reach this blog has enjoyed in the past, and though that saddens me, I cannot in good conscience make any other choice.

Sooo…. if you’ve decided to stick with me beyond this post, thank you. I will make you these promises: I will quite possibly disagree with many comments. I will not promise to post all comments. I will treat you with love. Regardless.

Talk to you soon!

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