Free book #1: Alibi Jones by Mike Luoma

Regular readers of this blog will  recognize  Mike Luoma as an author that has been reviewed here on a couple of occasions. Currently Mike is giving away (yes giving, as in FREE) his novel Alibi Jones  at his blog found here. I have shamelessly copied and pasted that post.

Glow-in-the-Dark Radio’s FREE book for September is the first book in The Adventures of Alibi Jones – the original novel Alibi Jones, by Mike Luoma. Your chance to check out the start of the science fiction adventure series risk-free!

Alibi Jones is a mediator for the Solar Alliance in the early 22nd Century, searching for a kidnapped friend with the help of the mysterious alien DakhurKit, and the man known asPiccolo. Alibi doesn’t know following the trail of alien kidnappers will lead to a shocking discovery – Dangers thought long-dead are still very much ALIVE!

Get your free pdf of the book at Drive Thru Comics and/or Fiction:
Drive Thru Comics
Drive Thru Fiction
There’s also a code to use at Smashwords, where you can get ALIBI JONES in any eBook format – for now, that’s exclusive to the podcast, but you can find it in the podcast notes…

Please, enjoy the read, and feel free to share the links and the ebook with your friends all month!

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  • Rob says:

    While Mike’s book is well written, you did not mention that it contains shockingly violent and graphic descriptions of human vivisection. Had I known that, I would not have started reading the story.

    That’s just my own gut reaction! Just so others are aware of this issue…

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