Book Review #28: The Silver Sickle by Ellie Ann

silversickle_ellieann_fullcover_4-1Title: The Silver Sickle
Author: Ellie Ann
Publisher: Stonehouse Ink.
Release Date: July 2013
Available Formats: ebook and multi-media ebook (others?)

I’ve followed Ellie Ann on Twitter for a while. I don’t know how, though I expect she was a follower of someone I followed and a RT or something caught my interest. Its kind of how Twitter works. A couple of months ago, she made mention of a book she was planning on publishing. I don’t remember if she was looking for a reviewer, or if I volunteered. Regardless, The Silver Sickle made its way into my inbox and the rest is history.

So, on to the review.

Synopsis: It’s a YA science fiction/steampunk about a girl trapped in a harem who must take down an extraterrestrial regime. It’s Esther meets District 9. With robots. (Stolen from the authors website.. seriously.. but yes.. that is a good elevator pitch for it.)

Setting: The Silver Sickle takes place in a futuristic past on another planet. Or Earth in an alternate timeline. Or perhaps the future of Earth. I don’t really know. It doesn’t really matter. Ellie Ann has created a feeling to her world the transcends time and place to simply draw the reader in. Whether the action is taking place in the city, the harem, or the alien spaceship, the reader will be able to picture the scene easily and will likely find many references to use as touchstones.

Plot: Farissa is marked by aliens as being special. Special how? The populace believes they are blessed among all humans. Farissa and the other chosen aren’t so sure. Are they to be deified or something more sinister? Farissa believes the latter and is determined to prove it.

Characters: The book is told from the perspective of three characters, each in the third person. Farissa, a young girl and one of the chosen. Zel, a young apprentice inventor with a kind heart and a great love. Gira, an alien self styled goddess that has a secret she’d rather not have the humans learn about. Ellie Ann does a commendable job switching between characters. This type of storytelling isn’t one I usually enjoy, but this story is told well enough that I didn’t find the multiple perspectives distracting or annoying. I enjoyed Farissa’s character the most, but each of the characters were well written and played their part well.

Odin’s recommendation: I really enjoyed The Silver Sickle and am hoping for more stories in this universe. If you like intelligently written YA, I’d advise you to keep your eye on this author.

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