Book Review #27: Ideas, INC

ideas_inc_widgetTitle: Ideas, INC
Author:  J. Daniel Sawyer
Publisher: AWP Fantasy
Release Date: 14 March 2013
Available Formats: Paperback and ebook

If you aren’t familiar with the name J. Daniel Sawyer, you’re not a regular reader of this blog. I’m going to make an unsubstantiated claim that he is the most reviewed author here. Why? Well, for one, he is smart and witty (two things I enjoy). Secondly, he’s prolific. Doubt me? Check out his site.

So, on to the review.

Synopsis: The author of Suave Rob’s Double-X Derring-Do brings you a farce of the tradition of P.G. Wodehouse and Douglas Adams.

Best friends Caleb and Lenny hate each other. Stranded in the middle of upstate New York with two flat tires, one spare, no cell reception, and no idea what to do, they figure they’re pretty much screwed. Fortunately, they broke down right in front of a place that deals in ideas. For the special one-time fire-sale price of seventeen bucks, they can get a pack of seven completely original, brand-new, ultra-premium, never-before-used ideas. But will it get them out of trouble before they’re forced to talk to each other again?

Find out in this hilarious all-night adventure yarn that reveals the terrible truth behind the worldwide pigeon cabal! (Stolen from the author’s website)

Setting: The middle of nowhere. A dark night. A broken down car. A mysterious encounter. A spooky barn.

Plot: Lenny and Caleb experience an escalating series of unfortunate events that eventually land them in a convertible, naked, in the dark being attacked by.. well that would be a spoiler. There are Nazis (not a spoiler, there is a swastika on the cover), supernatural creatures, cantankerous height challenged elderly drivers of questionable taste and enigmatic salespeople of questionable services. Roll these all together, and somehow you’ll find the plot of Ideas, INC. However, I doubt it will be as clever as the one Mr. Sawyer came up with.

Characters: This book really is centered around the aforementioned best friends that loathe each other, Lenny and Caleb. The story is told in 1st person, so you never really get an in depth feel for the motivations guiding the decisions being made. However, it does make for witty and fun internal and external banter.

Odin’s recommendation: In a case of the universe having a sense of humour, I had an epiphany while reading Mr. Sawyer’s previous offering, Suave Rob’s Double X Daring Do. I immediately contacted him and exclaimed, “You’re Harlan Ellision!” What I meant, and still do, is that Dan lives to shock, make you think, doesn’t care if he offends as long as its visceral level, and is an all around troublemaker in the best of sense. Well, I imagine Mr. Sawyer’s reaction to my epiphany was a chuckle (I envision him at that point in time with a cigar and whiskey for some reason) and he responded, “Wait to make that statement until you read Ideas, INC”. I almost ignored that bit of advice and proclaimed him Mr. Ellison’s scion with Suave Rob’s review. I’m glad I didn’t. If you’re a fan of Mr. Ellison’s work, you’ll get an extra chuckle with Idea’s Inc. Heck, if you detest Mr. Ellison, you’ll probably get an extra chuckle. So, my advice, buy Ideas, INC. and get ready to chuckle.

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  • I have actuallly spoken with the author (via Skype) on a few occasions – interviews and other discussions. He may be the closest thing to a Renaissance man that an fiction author can be in today’s age. Anytime he walks into a room, the average IQ goes up.

    He is a smart aleck, in the best possible way. Oh and occasionally he writes non-fiction books to help those of us learn how to do things better. On top of that, he managed to write an audio screenplay for a Podiobook where the genre itself was a spoiler (“Down From Ten”) .

    I haven’t read all of Dan’s books yet. I can’t guarantee that you will like all of them. What I can say is 1) Each one is worth the price of the ebook (at least) 2) Whatever you might not like, you will most likely find interesting (or frustrating … they are kind of the same thing, really) & 3) Dan will take the money from one book and use it to make more.

    This is why I try to buy all of Dan’s books, even thought I haven’t managed to find time to read all of them (yet). It’s like buying a gift for future me … and for a very talented author 🙂

  • Thomas says:

    What Richard said.

    Dan is a must read for fan’s of ANY genre.

    His stories grab you from word one and never let go. Like Nathan Lowell, his stories never leave you.They stay with you years after you have read/listened to them. They haunt you and inspire you, and remind you that stories never actually end. Your perspective has changed and the story continues.

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