Podcast Review #140: Sense Memory

Title: Sense Memory
Author: Brion J. Humphrey
Genre: Supernatural Action
Released: 6 March 2013
Located: Podiobooks, iTunes
Formats Available: podcast, ebook
Rating: R for violence

Sometimes all it takes to get me to listen to something is, “You should listen to….” from someone on my twitter stream. After this Sense Memory had been recommended to me several times, I took the hint and subscribed.

So, on to the review.

Synopsis: If our memory is the thing that shapes and defines us, that informs who we are at our very core, then God help us all…for memory, is a wicked and deceitful wretch.

Thrust into a search for his own sister’s killer, Benjamin Cady flees Colorado and the only world he understands to scour the streets of Los Angeles, plagued by headaches and memories of murder. He quickly discovers that L.A. is not unknown to him, and as his memories of his sister’s death become clearer, so does the possibility that Ben himself may be the murderer.

Lieutenant Jim Banquer has plenty of bodies, but every witness seems to be suffering from a mysterious form of amnesia. Investigating these deaths means he must piece together the scattered shards of a deadly power scheme that goes well beyond murder, and Ben is the key.

Sense Memory is a psychological thriller that weaves an intricate web of doubt and intrigue as it goes, leaving no thread unstrung. (Stolen from Podiobooks.com)

Production: I believe Mr. Humphrey did the production himself for Sense Memory. If he didn’t, I would recommend he take the credit for it anyway as it really is done very well. The audio is crisp and clean and the few audio cues he uses are appropriate and fit well with the story. I would give him an A except for the fact that I caught three repeated lines. Still, this podcast is a pleasure to listen to.

Grade: A-

Cast: Mr. Humphrey read his story, and I’m glad he did. He used different voice cues and intonations to differentiate the characters and it worked very well. I always like when an author reads their own work because then I’m confident I’m hearing the story like the author meant it to be heard. With this being the case, Mr. Humphrey definitely meant his characters to be likable and his story to keep you on edge.

Grade: A

Story: The story, for me, started out rather slowly with different characters being given entire episodes or chapters. At times I felt like I was somewhat driving through those first chapters without a map. Thankfully, around episode three or four, I found the highway and it was a smooth ride from there.

Grade: A

Verdict: The above “slow start” isn’t really meant as a negative. Many stories start somewhat in spurts. As long as they even out and keep my interest, I tend to settle in for the journey. I enjoyed Sense Memory quite a bit. However, there were a few things that bothered me. Handguns don’t play a huge role in the novel, but enough that it seemed a bit like the author might have been overextending himself on his knowledge in this regard. I, unlike some, have no problem when someone refers to a gun’s magazine as a clip, because even many gun people do the same. However, handguns don’t have stocks. They have grips. This was only mentioned once, but it abruptly knocked me out of the story. I also am still not clear on how the protagonist linked himself to the antagonist rather than someone else through the experience that opens the story. However, that might be more my fault than the authors.

Other than these very minor quibbles, I have to say I don’t remember the last time I enjoyed a book of this strange, mixed genre as much. If you enjoy a mild horror, suspense, supernatural thriller, you’re going to love Sense Memory.

Disclosure: I have recently started following Mr. Humphrey on Twitter

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There are 4 Comments to "Podcast Review #140: Sense Memory"

  • Thanks for reviewing this. I’m digging what Brion and Dave are doing over on “The RoundTable Podcast” so I’m interested in giving this a listen.

    Also I’m jazzed about you doing the reviews again, Odin. It has been missed.

    • odin1eye says:

      Thanks for the comment Richard. And thanks for being such a good friend of the blog. You really are a true friend and I missed you too.

      I think you like this book. One thing I should’ve said in the Review, is that there is no way this sounds like an author’s first novel.

  • I saw this last fall in MS form and started bugging him to get it out.

    This is not my genre but I loved the book…and the twist at the end was perfectly executed. I never saw it coming.

    • odin1eye says:

      I envy you the early read sir.

      I agree. The twist was exceptionally well executed.

      I also love that it sets itself up for a sequel (at least) while still tying up this book.

      Well done all the way around.

      Thanks for the comment sir!

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