Book Review #23: Suave Rob’s Double X Derring Do by J. Daniel Sawyer

Title: Suave Rob’s Double X Derring Do
Author: J. Daniel Sawyer
Publisher: Artistic Whispers
Release Date: 2012
Available Formats: ebook, paperback

While I was on hiatus, I knew the world of authors that I am privileged to be allowed to peak in on would continue to evolve and progress. Little did I realize, however, just how prolific J. Daniel Sawyer would be during this period. Recently Mr. Sawyer provided a couple of titles for review. I finished the first, Suave Rob’s Double X Derring Do last night.

So, on to the review.

Synopsis: One Surfboard. Two X-Chromosomes. All Man. Climbing Olympus Mons put him on the map, and children everywhere tune into watch every time he skydives from a space station, but Suave Rob Suarez is just getting started. Together with his childhood hero and his stunt partner, he’s gonna stage the biggest daredevil stunt the universe has ever seen: Surf a supernova. Or die trying. (Stolen from

Setting: The future. I’m not quite sure when. I’m not sure if the author stated, but to be honest, I’m terrible with dates in books. In this version of our future, sports and the culture surrounding them seem to remain pretty much as they are in the 21st century with athletes attaining superstar status with the prestige and groupies that goes with that.

Also in this time, stream gender reassignment surgery is somewhat routine and gender is a choice each individual is free to make without fear of reprisals.

Plot: Our hero and his trusty compatriots are looking for a new high. Everything has been done. The real danger has been removed from the equation and this situation is unpalatable for Suave Rob. One night, he and his soon to be partners devise a plan that will change that. Death, and the excitement that brings, are back on the table.

Characters: The only characters worth mentioning are Rob, Jeff and Tuppler. And truthfully Rob, who is telling the story in first person, (and the title character) is the star of the show.

Odin’s recommendation: Mr. Sawyer doesn’t know how to write anything that isn’t well researched. Either that or he knows a bit of everything. (Ed. note- I have talked with JDS to quite an extent and firmly believe it is the latter.) This book doesn’t go heavy on the science, but there is enough there to make the casual reader believe the details might work. Mr. Sawyer also doesn’t write things to just amuse himself. There always seems to be a point.

With the point of gender reassignment surgery becoming common place, the recurring discussion of it here seemed to be just a bit pedantic. However, that didn’t keep me from enjoying the story Mr. Sawyer had to tell. Suave Rob was a fun story, full of macho athletes and death defying do. I would be surprised not to see Suave Rob again and I predict Mr. Sawyer has another hit on his hands.

Suave Rob’s Double X Derring Do is a relatively short book and most will easily be able to read it in several settings. Just make sure you’re reading somewhere laughing out loud doesn’t get you carted away.

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