Borrowing from Monty Python: “I’m not dead yet!”

I’m sorry. Seems like I’ve been saying those words a lot lately. It doesn’t make them any less true. I say them to you now.

Why? Because if you’re reading this now you are probably a subscriber to this blog, and I have rather quite disappeared without warning for a bit over four months.

I’m sorry.

Having said that I will say, be prepared for intermittent posts in the future. I’m not sure at this point what kind of regularity I’ll be able to maintain in the future.

My reasons for this are my own and I choose to keep it that way. I will say only that my life is not the unending joy I once believed it to be. I pray it will one day be again. Those of you that have been praying the same on my behalf, you have no idea how indebted I am to you. Please accept my thanks.

I know many of the readers of this blog have different fundamental beliefs than I do. That’s okay. However, I cannot state how firmly I believe I wouldn’t be here now without The Lord providing for me directly and through some of you that He has placed in my life.

I end with the title song by the band MercyMe off the album The Hurt & The Healer You can hear it here: YouTube video

Finally, at this time, I have no immediate plans to return to Twitter. Again, my reasons are my own.

Thank you. Sincerely.

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