A call for support!

I’m taking a moment from my normal want today to bring to mind something that all of us that listen to podcast novels know, but might have forgotten. As you might have guessed from the title, that is supporting your favorite podcast authors.

Now, before you turn away, knowing you’ve heard it all before, let me simply state, you have. You know that many of the authors releasing their books through podiobooks.com or through their own sites are aspiring to be published by large houses and are releasing their works as a way to become noticed and gain a following. You also know that many  of them release electronic versions of these same books through Amazon or Smashwords. Some of you, many of you, buy. I know the authors appreciate your purchasing any books they have self published.

Recently, many authors have decided that self publishing is more than the just “sloppy seconds” to be satisfied with while waiting for a publisher. With this realization, more effort is being put into creating e-books and paperbacks. I’ve seen fund raising efforts for covers and other printing costs. I’m happy to say  that  personally, I’ve yet to see one go unfunded.

As we near the holiday season (Merry Christmas!), if you have a bit extra, I encourage you to purchase a book, in whatever format, from your favorite podcasting author. Alternatively, you can donate through podiobooks.com, where as I’m sure you’ve heard, at least 70% of every donation goes straight to the authors or even go directly to the authors site and look for a tip jar (Decoder Ring Theatre accepts donations in this way).

Finally, I bring to your attention an author that I greatly enjoy that is currently raising funds for a project that I am greatly excited about. John Mierau is currently crowd funding Enemy Lines.  A book I greatly enjoyed and reviewed in the podcast reviews section of this blog. As an added bonus, John isn’t simply asking for your cash, he is providing levels of buy in with commensurate  swag! John drew great amounts of attention with this first novel, but has been delivering short stories through his Serving Worlds feed for quite some time. He has continued to provide content that is worth hearing, and I encourage you, if you haven’t become familiar with his works yet to do so.

Once again, I wish you all the happiest of holidays and encourage you to leave a bit of green under the tree for your favorite podcast authors.

(Post Script: Of course, buy those large house books too. Did you see?  Books and Braun’s Phoenix Rising is on sale for your Kindle and Nook for only $0.99!)


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