Book Review #9: Hellwatch: Pilot Episode by Larime Taylor

Title: Hellwatch
Author: Larime Taylor
Publisher: Self Published I believe
Release Date: Fall 2011
Available: Kindle, Back My Book, Author’s Site (free in return for feedback); Also available in podcast form at

When I put out the call for material to be reviewed, one of the takers was Mr. Larime Taylor. He queried me via email and explained that his book (and series) was modeled after a network television series and that he would like me to read his “pilot episode”. I told him to send it over, he did, and here are my thoughts.

So on to the review.


A young disabled woman in a wheelchair protects an unaware world from demons and monsters.

Ester Vasquez, born with arthrogryposis, hunts the monsters and demons that hide from the unsuspecting masses along with her 6’8, 360lbs Samoan care provider, Sammy. In episode one – ‘Pilot’ – Ester and Sammy travel just over the Mexican border from their home in Arizona to help a little boy possessed by a demon, but what awaits them when they return home is far worse than anything they’ve ever faced. It will take all of Ester’s brains and Sammy’s brawn to repel an attack that threatens not just years of hard work, but their lives as well.

Hellwatch is planned to be an ongoing serial fiction series told in 9 monthly ‘episode’ novellas per ‘season’. This is the pilot episode, and if well received, 8 more will follow each month starting in January 2012.

Setting: With the side jaunt in chapter 1 to Mexico, the majority of the story takes place in the compound of the main character. This is her home and center of her study into the occult sciences. I live in Southern Texas myself and am somewhat familiar with the border areas Mr. Taylor describes in Hellwatch, and I can verify that they are accurately portrayed. This might seem inconsequential to most, but to those of us that are familiar with these kind of areas, if it hadn’t been accurate, it would have ruined any credibility the story would have had. Luckily, this was not the case.

Plot: Hellwatch is simply a story of an exorcist that eschews the church and believes God to either have left humans on their own, or perhaps something worse. This is not Ghostbusters the series or anything remotely silly. It is a horror story involving demons at heart. And one particular Lord of Hell has taken a personal interest in our heroine.

Characters: Ester and Sammy (the two main characters on the side of “good”) though rather 2 dimensional in many ways show signs of fleshing out and becoming fully realized as complete characters. The bad guys are truly evil, but in a story full of demons I wouldn’t expect anything else. It will be interesting to see how all of these characters progress beyond the pilot.

Odin’s recommendation: Patterning itself off of a tv pilot makes Hellwatch a short book. A novella. As many pilot eps, this first story in the Hellwatch series ends rather abruptly and leaves many gaps in the story that it is hard to gauge whether they are intentional or not. However, if the pilot is good, you are interested to see how these questions will be answered and get excited about the series. In this regard, Hellwatch does an excellent job.

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  • Thanks for the review!

  • Brian says:

    Just finished listening to Hellwatch, downloaded from, and the only bad thing I have to say about this story is that its TOO SHORT!!!!

    I loved it! and can’t wait for the next set of ‘novellas’ to come out…

    The two main characters, I instantly fell in love with. Love the fact that the big helper is gay. Love the humor between the two…love the mystery that was introduced…

    Great start to what is to be a GREAT book series… Good job Larime Taylor!

    Side note: saw the author’s website and the Caricature of the Dark Overlord (Sigler). Fantastic representation.

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