Book Review #6: The All Pro by Scott Sigler

Title: The All Pro
Author: Scott Sigler
Publisher: Dark Øverlord Media
Available: Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Author’s site/Back my book

The All Pro is the third book in Mr. Sigler’s GFL series. Having just finished listening to Mr. Sigler’s previous story in the series, The Starter in podcast form, I quickly purchased The All Pro wanting to feed my addiction. Did it live up to the rest of the series?

On to the review.

Synopsis: THE ALL-PRO is the third book in the Galactic Football League series, following on THE ROOKIE and THE STARTER. Seven centuries into the future, aliens and humans compete for the greatest prize in the universe: the Galaxy Bowl trophy. Quarterback Quentin Barnes enters his third season at the helm of the Ionath Krakens. He’s re-shaped the team in his image, and the time for excuses is over — it’s win, or be replaced. Quentin’s championship quest carries he and his teammates across the galaxy in a brutal twelve-game season fraught with injury and death.But he faces more than just on-field challenges. As he enters a free-agent year, several franchises vie for his services. Will he play for a new team, or will he remain with his beloved Krakens. And then there’s the slight distraction that someone, somewhere, is trying to assassinate him – and he doesn’t know why.The GFL series is described as “STAR WARS” meets “REMEMBER THE TITANS” meets “THE GODFATHER.” Join the Krakens as they fight to take the title and achieve immortality. (The preceding synopsis was stolen from the Amazon.)

Setting: All of the GFL books to date have played out in very similar environments. The team bus, (which in actuality is an interstellar space ship equipped with its own field), the home planet, visiting planets and occasionally, an office or yacht. I maintain that none of these is the actual setting for the story. The setting, is the FIELD. Ever week Quentin and the rest of the Krakens engage in combat with the baddest sentients in the universe. And Mr. Sigler writes this setting perfectly. Not being a fan of earth bound gridiron myself, I have very few experiences with the field in my mundane life. The way Mr. Sigler writes, that doesn’t matter. I feel like the field is a home away from home everytime reality disappears within the cover of one of Mr. Sigler’s GFL stories.

Plot: The plot of The All-Pro is similar to the previous books in several ways. All of them (to date) have been about Quentin’s pursuit of becoming the best. The best quarterback on the best team. In The All-Pro,  Mr. Sigler continues to flesh out Quentin’s character a bit more. He is no longer a teen ager and shows sign of maturing. Don’t fear fans.. it isn’t a quick process. We also begin to see movement of the search for his family. All of these are great, and even better, Mr. Sigler doesn’t let it overshadow the sport. The quest to achieve and be the best.

Characters: I love the characters in the GFL. Quentin continues to grow and evolve. Gredok becomes even more of a driving force. Becca stands on the sidelines of the book waiting for her chance to be a starter. John and Ju make strong showings. The team is back and they make their fans cheer as they march towards the inevitable climactic season closer.

Odin’s Recommendation: If I, a non-football fan living in Texas can get excited about these books, I’m betting you can too. They’re fun. They’re well written. But perhaps most importantly, they’re just darn good entertainment. Should you buy a copy of The All-Pro? Yes. Is Mr. Sigler going to give it away for free? I have not read anything to the contrary. However, if you can afford $4 dollars to purchase the Kindle version, even if you have to read it on your computer (or simply as a gesture to the author of thanks) then what are you waiting for?

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