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Book Review #1: Free Will and other Compulsions

Title: Free Will and Other Compulsions Author: J. Daniel Sawyer Publisher: Artistic Whispers Release Date: September (ebook) and October (paper) Dan Sawyer is one of my favorite podcast authors. I’ve enjoyed everything he’s written and produced. So, when he provided me with the opportunity of an Advanced Reader Copy of Free Will and other Compulsions […]

And Now for Something Completely Different, Part 2

Well, completely different might be a bit of a stretch, but after 96 podcast reviews, spanning nearly two years, I plan to shake things up. Just a bit. Maybe a lot. In November of 2009, I decided to start reviewing works of podcast fiction. It is amazing to me how many more stories there are […]

Podcast Review 96: Edict Zero (Season 1)

Title: Edict Zero Author: Jack Kincaid Genre: Science Fiction Released: 9 September 2010 – 19 May 2011 Located: iTunes, Author’s Site Formats Available: podcast only at this time Rating: R for violence and language. Way back in the early days of these reviews, around episode 28, I reviewed a horror novel by Jack Kincaid entitled Hoad’s Grim. It was a mixed bag […]

Podcast Review 95: Matters of Mortology

Title: Matters of Mortology Author: T.M. Camp Genre: classic thriller Released: 22 June 2008 – 9 August 2008 Located: iTunes Formats Available: Podcast, Dead Tree, Ebook, Matters of Mortology [Free PDF] (click the link to download) Rating: PG13 for mature thriller content I am always looking for good stories to listen to. I admit, like many of you, I’m more inclined to listen […]

Podcast Review #94: Max Quick 2: The Two Travelers

Title: Max Quick 2: The Two Travelers Author: Mark Jeffrey Genre: Young Adult Urban Fantasy Released: 25 March, 2005 – 12 October 2008 Located:Podibooks, iTunes Formats Available: Podcast, unsure whether other formats are available at this time Rating: PG: Violence mild language I recently read an interview with author Mark Jeffrey. In it he discussed […]

Podcast Review #93: The Heavenfield (Book 1)

Title: The Heavenfield Author: I G Hulme Genre: Science Fiction/Horror Released: 2 February 2009 – 22 April 2010 Located: iTunes, Podiobooks, Author’s Site Formats Available: podcast only I believe Rating: R for language and violence I admit, I think I’ve heard of The Heavenfield before last Monday. Heard of it. That’s about it. Perhaps I remember seeing the announcement on Podiobooks that […]

Book Review: Spectyr by Philippa Ballantine

Title: Spectyr (A Book of the Order) Author: Philippa Ballantine Publisher: Ace Books Genre: Dark Fantasy Few things bring me as great pleasure as reading. I love to sit down with a good book. I love to get lost in a good book and have hours disappear. I love to look back on the end […]

Podcast Review #92: Ancestor (Remastered)

Title: Ancestor Author: Scott Sigler Genre: Science Fiction Released: 7 June 2010 – 22 February 2011 Located: iTunes, Podiobooks Formats Available: dead tree, podcast, ebook, audiobook One of the first author’s I found when I started listening to podio fiction was Scott Sigler. And the very first story I heard was Ancestor. Due to that, I’ve heard the large majority of his […]

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