Podcast Review 63: Title Fight

Title: Title Fight
Author: Scott Sigler and Matt Wallace
Genre: Sci Fi/Sports
Released: 2 November 2010 – 11 November 2010
Located: iTunesPodiobooksAuthor’s Site
Formats Available: Podcast
Rating: R for excessive violence and language

My good friend Richard Green answered my query for content this week with the suggestion that I give Title Fight a listen. As I have been meaning to get to it, and do to the fact that I loved The Rookie and am currently greatly enjoying The Starter (Title Fight takes place in the same universe during the same time period) it was an easy decision for me to decide to give it a listen. Due to the fact that it is really a novella and only ten episodes made it a very easy, quick listen.

So, on to the review.

Synopsis: Parsec Award-winning author Matt Wallace and New York Times best-selling novelist Scott Sigler team up to bring you TITLE FIGHT, a strange and brutal tale that combines science fiction with mixed martial arts (MMA).

Set in the universe used for Sigler’s books THE ROOKIE and THE STARTER, TITLE FIGHT is MMA cage fighting in the far future, where augmented sentients often battle to the death. Lethal human contender Chiyal “The Heretic” North wants to be the greatest fighter of all time, but to get that title he has to take it from aging intergalactic heavyweight champion Korak the Cutter. Korak, undefeated in the ring and the hero of his Quyth race, knows the time has come to hang it up, but he also knows his legacy will be forever tarnished if he doesn’t take this one last fight.

With millions of dollars at stake, Chiyal and Korak have to handle sponsors, high-tech corner crews, managers with agendas of their own, and evade the influence of gangster and fight-fixer Gredok the Split-Head.

In this winner-take-all tale, Wallace and Sigler deliver blows so severe you’ll need a standing eight-count between every episode. The bell will ring, the blood will fly, but only one fighter can leave with the galactic heavyweight belt. (stolen from podiobooks.com)

Production: Title Fight is a typical production by Mr. Sigler. It has the tell tale scary as heck scene changing sound effect (well, it probably wasn’t frightening at one point, but after you’ve heard it introduce as many gruesome scenes as this one has… well, enough said) and all of the production hallmarks that you’ve all come to know from Mr. Sigler.

Grade: A-

Cast: The cast for Title Fight is huge, easily rivaling that of any podiodrama I’ve listened to. It also consists of Mr. Sigler. This is only conflict of ideas if you’ve never listened to one of Mr. Sigler’s stories.

Grade: A

Story: Title Fight takes place in The Rookie universe and occurs pretty much at the end of that novel and is a nice bridge into The Starter. It is completely independent of either of those much larger works, but has ramifications for the cast of those stories. This story is built around the octagon of mixed martial arts fighting. With my own background in martial arts, I did find that aspect of it very interesting. However, even if you’ve never entered a martial arts school or a gym, you’ll be able to follow the action sequences with little problem. As long as you don’t mind violence. Because violence there is. Non-stop. From beginning to end.

Grade A-/B+

Verdict: I enjoyed Title Fight very much. That being said, my favorite stories of Mr. Sigler has to be these Rookie universe stories and Ancestor. If you’ve ever been interested in listening to a Sigler story but haven’t had the time to invest in something you were afraid wasn’t your cup of tea, I’d suggest you give Title Fight a try. At only ten approximately half hour episodes, it isn’t a podcast you need worry about the time investment. It IS violent. VERY violent. It does contain course language. If you’re not afraid of these warnings, give TItle Fight a listen. I think you’ll be glad you did.

Disclosure: I do follow Mr. Sigler on Twitter but I don’t think we’ve ever truly talked. I have great admiration for his approach to podcasting but could not be considered a Sigler junkie by any stretch of the imagination.

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  • I am not the sports fan, but I did enjoy this podiobook. It is a violent story, but I understand that no actual humans or aliens were harmed in the making of Title Fight … despite Matt Wallace’s personal preferences 😉 And yes there is crude, graphic language, but it fits well with the grittiness of “Title Fight”.

    If you enjoy Sigler’s or Wallace’s other stories, especially The Rookie and The Starter, this is a hands down must listen. All the stuff you enjoy about their writing in a novella sized package. Fans of contact sports, crime stories, and straight out action will find plenty to enjoy … and it’s set in a future with bad ass alien fighters too.

    • odin1eye says:

      LOL.. thanks Richard.. yup, this is a fun story with incredible levels of violence. Fans of Sigler and Wallace shouldn’t be too surprised, but it doesn’t hurt to reiterate it.

      Thanks again for suggesting it sir. It really was a fun listen.

  • Michael says:

    I love the Rookie and the Starter. I have them both in hardcover, and the Starter as ebook. Before I hooked onto the Share series, The Rookie was my all time favourite podiobook, and the one that really hooked me to the genre, so Title Fight has been devoured… I am just waiitng for The Starter to hit Podiobooks, though I am seriously considering buying as an audiobook… 🙂

    I so want these to be made into a Movie… The Rookie starring? That’s the only problem for me. Who would play Barnes…

    • odin1eye says:

      good point.. would have to be someone with a pro wrestler physique to just physically look the part, and then what about acting skills? hmmm

      • Michael says:

        All the ones I can think of are too old… Would you want to cast a name actor? An actual player (some of the currant NCCA QB’s are big units, but could thay act?) It’s a posier.

        Pine would be an easier cast, and you could even go with a pro wrestler – Cena, The Rock (though seeing him blue would be interesting) 😆

  • Scott Sigler says:

    Thanks for the review! I’m thrilled you enjoyed the story and the production. I’m sure Matt would thank you as well, but he’s probably eating a 82′ Camaro because it looked at him the wrong way.

    • odin1eye says:

      LOL.. Thanks for the comment sir! I always love when an author stops by. As far as the Camaro… well, the 82 would be better off forgotten anyway. ,^)

  • Matt Wallace says:

    ’82’s aren’t in season. Yet.

    • odin1eye says:

      Lol. I had a 82 trans am. The camaro will make an appetizer for you!

      Seriously though, thanks for coming by, and more so, thanks for the terrific story.

  • Michael says:

    What I want to know is: Are there any plans for dark
    Overlaod media to release this title as a short novella either in
    eBook format or even better one of their amazingly well produced

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