Podcast Review #58: Griffin’s Daughter by Leslie Ann Moore

Title: Griffin’s Daughter
Author: Leslie Ann Moore
Genre: Fantasy
Released: 29 September 2009 – 15 October 2009
Located: Podibooks, iTunes
Formats Available: Podcast and Dead Tree (available by Ridan Press)
Rating: R for violence and sexual situations

I’ve been a reader my entire remembered life. Once the world of words became alive to me, the mundane world could never be the same. However, I never really worried about who published whatever it was I was reading at the moment. I have shelves full of books (well, actually, at the moment they’re in boxes waiting to be unpacked) and with very few examples I have no idea who published them. This changed once I began listening to podcasts. Not only am I aware of the big publishers that have included some of my favorite podiobook authors in their stables, but I’ve come to appreciate smaller publishers I might not have discovered if I were not a podiofiction fan. Until recently, I have never searched out a publisher in order to peruse what books they had available.

That changed after having read Quarter Share (by Nathan Lowell) and The Riyria Revelations (by Michael J. Sullivan), which both happen to be published by Ridan Publishing.

After combing through the virtual shelves on Ridan’s website, I decided to go with a traditional sword and sorcery fantasy, Griffin’s Daughter by Leslie Ann Moore.

But wait! This isn’t a book review! Nope. After having read the first half, my life became incredibly busy, and I lost reading time. This was, and is, very hard on me. I really wanted to finish this book, so I chanced a look on Podiobooks.com, and guess what? It was there!

On to the review.

Synopsis: A young girl lives as a social outcast due to her mixed human and elven blood. To escape an arranged marriage, Jelena flees into the unknown on a quest to find her elven father. Her journey takes her on an unexpected adventure of magic, danger, and most startling of all — true love.

Griffin’s Daughter is the first book in the award winning Griffin’s Daughter Trilogy. This epic tale tells of a young girl trying to find love and acceptance in a world of magic and adventure (Stolen from the publishers website).

Production: The production of Griffin’s Daughter is very poor. Very. The opening is too loud. The reading has an uncomfortable amount of electronic hum. The editing is choppy and occasionally crosses the borders from noticeable to annoying. Random artifacts make listening even more annoying.

Grade: D- / F

Cast: Griffin’s Daughter is read by it’s author Leslie Ann Moore. The reading is straightforward. There is no vocalization or intonation changes between characters and the reading traverses between too fast and reasonable.

Grade: C

Story: Ahh.. the story. You see, I would probably have given up on Griffin’s Daughter if I hadn’t all ready read the first half of the book. I listened to the parts that I had all ready read, and I can tell you, my inner reader was preferable to me. The story is really very decent for a romance novel disguised as fantasy. (I wonder if it were a harlequin paperback if the elf would have bulging pecs.) It isn’t high literature, but it is a nice story. It is also the first of a trilogy and I am looking forward to purchasing the next two in the series.

Grade: Solid B

Verdict: So, can I recommend this story? Yes, because I’m recommending the story. The production and reading can be distracting to the point of pain occasionally, but even as a good workout is worth the effort, so is this story. Although I’ve graded this production rather harshly, I’ve heard much worse. The problem is, I believe that at this point there really isn’t any reason for a podcast to be truly poorly produced. If any story I’ve recently listened to deserves to be remastered, Griffin’s Daughter is it.

Disclosure: Since I came about listening to Griffin’s Daughter as I indicated above (more or less), I can honestly say I’d never previously heard of Ms. Moore. I don’t know if she is on Twitter or Facebook. I’ve never talked with her or her representatives. Nothing was offered. Nothing was accepted.

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  • I am reminded that Ridan Publishing deserves major kudos for their podcast friendly practices. So for us podcast fans, it is a good thing to check out the sites of book publishers like Ridan (and Ridan itself, of course) for new fiction.

    I think “Griffin’s Daughter” was made available as a podcast novel before Ridan made the deal with Nathan Lowell for “Quarter Share” and before “The Crown Conspiracy” podiobook. So am hopeful that other podiobooks from Ridan signed authors will have better production quality.

    Odin’s review reminds me that sometimes the voice in a podiobook/audiobook doesn’t match the “voice” in our head for a character or narration. This just happens sometimes to an extent that we just can’t listen to the audio book; and happened for me in a book that I really end up enjoying. In this case I recommend thinking hard about buying a print or ebook version if available.

    • odin1eye says:

      I believe you’re correct. In fact Griffin’s Daughter was with a different publisher until about 2/3 of the way through the story.

    • Jeffrey Hite says:

      I can’t agree more about the inner voice VS recorded voice. About 8 years ago now I got into the Dune series written By Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson. (the better or the two series in the Dune universe IMHO.) The Audio book was professional done by Scott Brick. He had done several others that I had listened to I have always enjoy his readings. Then I went back and listened to the original Dune books by Frank Herbert (I had read them years before) but the voice work was awful, and what had been an ok series, turned into a terrible experience for me. If I had listened to these books first I would have never made it past the first book, and would have never read the second set which as I said, I really enjoyed more. Long and short of this, if you are going to do a recording and you can’t seem to do it right on your own, get someone else to help you because you could really loose a lot of “readers” if it is bad.

  • Michael says:

    You are so right about the “inner” voice versus the narrated voice.

    Often the voice on an audiobook doesn’t match what youo have heard when reading!

    That being said, going from audio to print your “inner” voice usually matches the narrater. Reading The Starter I could hear Scot Siggler and his many voices…

    To the book in hand. I failed to get passed episode one, which has made me hesitant to actually find the print version.

    • odin1eye says:

      I can easily understand your reticence. I can say with all honesty, the book is decent if you enjoy “chick lit for men” kind of thing. It isn’t my favorite genre, but I don’t despise it either. You can pick it up in a variety of e-formats that make it a bit less of a gamble if you have an electronic device you don’t mind reading on.

      • Michael says:

        i think that is one of the real advantages in epub. You take a smaller financial risk on unknown works. So if the story, ahum, sucks, then you have usually only forked out half the cost of the paperback.

  • I recently finished a podcast from podiobooks that at times actually hurt my ears. If the story had not been good, I would have let it go during the first episode. I did post a review asking the author to re-record. There is another that has bad sound reviews I looked at, the author said he would have it up a few months ago, but the sample was bad. He now has new equipment and he’s second book up is better. I do hope he finishes the first one. It is a lot of work, but if the story is harmed by the recording then it is worth it. Not all readers are professional but it would be nice not to have to wince when I listen! Lol

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