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Paul E. Cooley: How I do it!

Born during the witching hour within hours of the winter solstice, Paul Elard Cooley has been writing and slamming down keys on a computer since the ripe old age of 12. He has seen more than his share of bad horror movies, read more than his share of great horror novels, and generally learned to […]

Podcast Review #26: Down from Ten

Title: Down from Ten Author: J. Daniel Sawyer Music by: Danny Schade Genre: um….. Released: 21 June 2009 – 18 April 2010 Located: Author’s Site, iTunes Formats available: podcast only Rating: Strong R or above After having listened to J. Daniel Sawyer’s first podcast novel, Predestination and Other Games of Chance, I knew that I […]

P.C. Haring: How I do it!

P.C. Haring is the author and creator of Cybrosis, a cyberpunk action thriller starring many of the big names in podcasting today. He lives in Naperville, Illinois and besides being a writer is an accomplished musician with his primary instrument being the viola. And this is how he does it. General Writing Questions 1, Before […]

Are you eligible: Parsec Award eligibility list

For those of us, social media pros and fans alike, that want to make an informed decision when nominating our favorite stories for a parsec, I decided to try to put together a list of possible nominees. If you are a podcast author, or just a fan of a particular author that isn’t listed, I […]

Podcast Review #25: The Zombie Chronicles: Escape

Title: The Zombie Chronicles, Volume 1: Escape Author: James Melzer Genre: Horror Released: 01 September 2008 – 06 May, 2009 Located: iTunes, Podiobooks, Author’s Site Formats Available: Podcast, soon to be Dead Tree. Rating: Zombie violence is actually rather less than anticipated in this story and sexual situations are nonexistent. Adult language is present, though […]

Mick Bordet: How I do it!

Mick Bordet is the author and narrator of the Some Other Scotland podcast and one of the two founders of the Every Photo Tells weekly story anthology podcast. He lives in the real world Scotland and is a singer, songwriter and musician (playing a theramin as well as other instruments). He has captured the heart […]

Podcast Review #24: Morevi: The Chronicles of Rafe and Askana (Remastered)

Title: Morevi: The Chronicles of Rafe and Askana (Remastered) Author: Tee Morris (with Lisa Lee) Genre: Fantasy Released: 29 November 2007 – 25 December 2008 Located: iTunes, Podiobooks, Author’s Site Formats Available: Podcast, Dead Tree. So, back in 2008 (again) after having completed Billibub Baddings and the Case of the Singing Sword, I of course had […]

Katharina Maimer: How I do it!

Katharina Maimer is the voice behind the Luscious Leftovers podcast and one of the the two founders of the Every Photo Tells weekly story anthology podcast. She is a law student currently living in Vienna, Austria. She is fluent in German, English, French and who knows what other languages. She will soon be abandoning the […]

Podcast Review #23: New World Orders

Title: New World Orders Author: E.G. Talbot Genre: Science Fiction, Conspiracy Theory Released: 21 May 2008 – 12 November 2008 Located: iTunes, Podiobooks, Author’s Site Formats Available: Podcast only at this time. Recently I was trolling for new podfiction and stumbled upon a trailer for New World Orders by Edward G Talbot. I found the […]

Podcast Challenge – Part 2

Why? I am currently celebrating the one year anniversary of View from Valhalla. My, how quickly a year goes, and how much things change. When I first started this blog, I had no idea what I would be doing with it. I knew I had opinions (hence the tagline) and I knew I loved social […]

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