Nominate Weather Child for The Sir Julius Vogel Awards

Nominations have opened for the The Sir Julius Vogel Awards. These are the awards the Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of New Zealand Inc. award to New Zealand artists (and a few others listed in their Rules and Criteria) Although most of us can’t win, we’re all eligible to nominate works we enjoyed. Not only can we nominate these works, but the more nominations these works receive, the more likely they are to be placed on the ballot. While most of us can’t actually vote (members of the association only), a work can’t win if it isn’t on the ballot.

With that in mind, if you listened to Weather Child, and you enjoyed it and think it deserves to be on the ballot, along with it’s author, the wonderful Philippa J. Ballantine, feel free to “borrow” any of the information provided below to complete your nomination. Nominations can be placed via email to: The nomination needs to include at least the information contained in lines 1-9. The rest is optional.

I make no secret of the fact that I was, and still am, totally enamored with Weather Child and I definitely think it is worthy of this honor.

  1. Title of work – Weather Child
  2. Name of Producer / Author / Creator – Philippa Jane Ballantine
  3. What the work is i.e. Novel, TV, Movie, Short Story, Web, Collection, Comic, Art  – Unpublished book/podcast
  4. Year of First Release – 2009
  5. Publisher / Production company name – Koru Studios
  6. How to contact the producer / author
    E.g. personal email / publisher email / publisher address / publisher phone number / work email / work phone number. –
  7. What category you think the nomination belongs to i.e. Fan awards, Professional awards – Fan
  8. GENRE – science fiction, fantasy or horror – Fantasy
  9. Contact details of the person making the nomination e.g. email or/and phone number – (Place your own contact info here)
  10. Other details about the work, that might be relevant
    e.g. the media it appears in – radio, web – Weather Child was released in podcast form beginning in February 2009 and concluding in July of 2009.
  11. Where to get a copy of the work: Author’s website: and on iTunes:
  12. Any other comments you wish to add (add your own reasons here if you choose. This is optional)

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