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One Day at the Dojang, pt 2

As previously mentioned, the martial arts has played a big role in my life for many years. Eventually, I ended up opening my own dojang (Korean martial art school). It was small, and somewhat unconventional (in regard to marketing) compared with the larger schools in town, but it fit me. One day, within the first […]

One man's mistress….

The following short story takes place outside of the timeline, and quite possibly in an alternate universe, normally inhabited by Sebastian and his two loving bears. I also do not take the credit for the idea. A very similar story was presented to me, once upon a time. However, I hope you enjoy it… On […]


If you’re not following me on Twitter, that is okay. In fact, while I love Twitter and am an admitted tweet addict, I would prefer you not follow me if you’re not going to tweet me up. You see, for me Twitter is all about the conversation. (The social in social media if you please) […]

Summer ends, but where's my fall?

Life has been going by so quickly this summer that I find it is often hard to take a second, look around, and take stock. Today, that is precisely what I’m going to try to do. Whenever summer break begins, I have an almost childlike longing to be free of concerns and responsibilities. I long […]

The Babe

Below you will find a short (for me, very short) story that I envisioned when I first heard the prompt for episode number 64 (I think) of the wonderful Great Hites podcast. The prompt was “modesty”. I didn’t get it written, let alone recorded, in time. It wouldn’t have placed highly, but it would have […]


Yes, it has indeed been a long while since I’ve posted. For that, I apologize. I will be changing that very, very soon. If you follow this blog, please don’t give up, new content will be worth waiting for (I hope)!

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