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"If you can't say something nice…."

I don’t know how many of you have seen the Disney cartoon Bambi to the point where you can recall Thumper being prompted by his mom to recite the above title. I can. I can vividly see the little bunny looking quite contrite repeating something that he had (obviously) been told over and over again. […]

Running Shoes

*The following story is my first entry into Jeffrey Hite’s wonderful podcast Great Hites, episode number 57. If you enjoy the story, please go to the site and vote for it! (Of course, you should listen to the other stories first!) Voting is now taking place! Thanks* **UPDATE: Voting is now over, and believe it […]

Nap well, sweet prince

As you lay there, with your head on my tummy, I tell you “one moe time” the story of the three little pigs. Your blue eyes burn into mine and I cherish this moment. I wonder how long it will be until you are too old to use daddy’s tummy as a pillow and no […]

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