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Black Jelly Beans

When I was in high school I had a friend that enjoyed jelly beans. They might not have been his favorite snack, but he had them enough that I noticed that he always saved the black ones for last. After a suitable time had passed he would proceed to eat the black ones as well, […]


Perspective. How many times have I lost it? How many times must I be reminded? I’ve had an interesting day to say the least. I’ll start by giving you a little of the backstory of my life. In November of 2007, two momentous events happened in my life. First, we had a scare with a […]

Podcast Challenge!

You have been challenged!

How did I get here? pt. 2

Well, as of August 15, 1990, I knew several things. I now truly knew what humidity was. I now knew that some people had preconceptions about those of us that drive red sports cars. AND, I knew that men did not teach reading in South Texas. More realizations were coming. Believe me. The first morning […]

How did I get here? pt. 1

I started my chosen career as a teacher in 1990. My first year was adventuresome to say the least. Sometimes I ponder, how many would have remained?

I remember Joe

For those of you who don’t know about Joe, I encourage you to visit and click on the link for the audio at the bottom of the post. In reality, I can’t say I remember Joe personally, but the overwhelming support his rememberance has stirred in the ‘verse has been phenomenal and encouraging. My […]

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