If I didn't have something to obsess about, I'd go crazy!

The subject line was uttered by my very own goddess. Yes, that would be my wife I’m talking about, and as far as I’m concerned, she is pretty close to perfect. My wife is one of the most caring, wonderful mothers you’d ever hope to meet. She is also a fantastic wife, and if I were ever going to be asked to have a baby, she is the ONLY nurse I would let near me. (Just as an aside, I sincerely believe if men had to have babies, the human race would be extinct in a single generation.)

However, the aforementioned subject line also quite accurately captures my wife’s personality. She is never content with the status quo. This is true whether we are discussing the housework, the house itself, the present state of her own personal continuing education (in both formal and more arts oriented paths), relationships or almost anything you might care to mention. In her own description, this often makes her depressed. About the only thing she never is down on is our beautiful son.

I on the other hand, am about the opposite. I rarely worry about things (even when they need to be worried about). Now, don’t get me wrong, I can get worried, and have been known to stress. Extremely. In general, however, my style is to let things come as they come.

I’m not saying that either way is a better way to handle it, and now that we’ve recognized the benefit of both, I would say that we actually are able to use both behaviors to our family’s mutual benefit.

I don’t know entirely why I’m sharing all of this, and I’m sure L will tell me no one else is going to care about this.

And you know, she might be right. I don’t care.

I hope none of you women out there ever get tired of hearing how much you’re loved and I hope none of your men ever get tired of telling you! (Of course, if you’re not used to being told, I don’t recommend accusing him of anything. Carrots (steak, etc) work better than sticks on most of us XYers.)

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