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Hypocrite or Actor?

This post is definitely not meant to in any way make a statement about, well, anything. Rather, it is a simple etymological study. I love words. Do you have a favorite word? I do. Defenestration. Now that is a great word. Another word I’ve always enjoyed the sound of is “hypocrisy”. Recently I decided it […]

friends were to be had

From time to time, I become a little introspective and look back on the years that make the totality of my life. This posting is meant to be neither morose nor overly sentimental, but I do reserve the right to be a bit nostalgic. I grew up in a small town. How small? Well, while […]

Why not Weather Child?

If you haven’t heard of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series, you must not have been paying attention during the last year. The topic of this post is not the Twilight series of books. You probably all ready have your opinion of them anyway. I am going to try to examine, however, an inadequacy (as I see […]

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